Raw Vinegar drink - Turmeric, ginger & chili - 500 ml

Raw Vinegar drink - with mother
Turmeric, ginger & chili

Organic apple cider vinegar flavored with turmeric ginger, ginger and chili. Raw, unfiltered and unstable with live bacterial culture called mother. Drink like a shot, diluted with water as a meal drink or mixed with hot water like tea.


69,00 kr

Unit price: 138,00 kr/kg

  • Ecological
  • Active bacterial culture
  • Unpublished
  • Rawfood
  • No additives

Bottle of 500 ml

Apple cider vinegar *, ginger * (2%), turmeric * (1%), natural chili aroma
* Organic ingredient.

Use: Drink like vinegar drink. Shake the bottle before use, to always get the spices and parts of the mother

Origin: Produced in Italy for Renée Voltaire AB.

Storage: Dark and cool. Keep opened bottle refrigerated.

Sorted as glass and metal.

Nutrition per 100 ml:  

Energi31 kJ/7 kcal
Fett0 g
Varav mättat fett0 g
Kolhydrater0,7 g
Varav sockerarter0,7 g
Protein0,1 g
Salt0,025 g




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