Heavenly Spread – Almond Butter

Organic - 180 grams

Yummie almond butter made in Italy of organic almonds, which is easily rusted to produce flavors. A light and soft texture that fits perfectly on the bacon, biscuit, dipping or baking. Heavenly spread!





Buckwheat bars with Almond butter!


79,00 kr

Unit price: 438,89 kr/kg


• Organic
• The almonds are roasted and then grounded into a crème de noisette 
• Flavoured with a little sea salt

Note: Oil separation occurs naturally, stir before serving.


Jar 180 grams

Roasted almonds**(99,8%), sea salt. *Organic


May contain traces of other nuts.

Made in Italy

Nutritional per 100 grams:

Energy:2650 kJ/ 635 kcal
Fat:54 g
Of which saturated fat:3,3 g
Carbohydrate:15 g
Sugar:6,5 g
Protein:23 g
 Fiber:7,5 g
 Salt:0,2 g







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