Sprouted & Pickled

Sprout out loud!

Sprouts are incredibly nutritious and home grown sprouts are always best. Dried seeds and grains need to sprout to eat them raw. Put the sprouts to germinate overnight in a sprouter. Strain the water the day after and then rinse thorougly twice per day. Place the jar up and down at a 45 degree angle so that water can drain. Keep dark and repeat rinsing for 2-3 days until they sprout. At the end of the process you can set the jar in the sun to make the sprouts chlorophyll rich. Rinse sprouts thorougly and store in the refrigerator which interrupts the sprouting process. Now they are ready to be eaten. I often keep the tails short since the long tails just contain more water.

Sprouting jar +sprouts
379,00 kr
Sprouting Seeds - Crispy Cress
69,00 kr
Sprouting Bowl
169,00 kr
Sprouting jar 0,7liter
119,00 kr
Sprouting Cleanse!
179,00 kr
Sprouting Jar 2 x 1 liter - Incl. Crispy cress!
549,00 kr
Sprouting jar 1 litre
269,00 kr
Sprouting Seeds - Fresh Fennel
69,00 kr
Sprouting Seeds - Protein Mix
79,00 kr




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