Matcha whisk

Match whisk - Matcha Chasen

Matcha is a finely ground green tea. All the leaves from the bush has been pulverized. It is considered one of the world's finest tea and traditionally it is prepared in a tea bowl with a bamboo whisk, called Chasen.

The foam is formed when Matchan whisked correctly (tube with an "M" or "W" movement) and  is as important as the crema in a good espresso.
A really good matcha whisk should have at least 80, and my has 100 straws.

Things to consider:

Eventually, the small knot in the middle of the brush will "bloom" and the straw straightens out. It just means that you drink Matcha often enough!
Rinse thoroughly in water after use and let it air dry.
Keep it in the jar as it comes in so keeps the shape better or get the ceramic Chasen stand!


199,00 kr





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