Coconut Caramel - Hard Toffee

Coconut Toffee - 100 grams


Delicious hard coconut toffee that we just can't have get enough of. Coconuts are picked and pressed into coconut milk in the early morning and the toffee is made and then packed the same day for absolute freshness. Sweet coconut!


The Coconut Caramels are dated May 25, 2018. It is not its expiration date, so they are of course eatable even after the set date.






35,00 kr 25,00 kr

Unit price: 350,00 kr/kg



  • Vegan treats!
  • Sweet and very tasty

100 grams


Brown sugar, glucose syrup, fresh coconut milk, salt.

Produced in Malaysia for Renée Voltaire AB

Nutrition facts per 100 grams:

Energy1800 kJ/430 kcal
saturated fat
6,7 g
6,3 g
of which sugar

91 g

72 g

Protein1,0 g
Salt0,7 g




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