Ginger Chew x 3

Take this opportunity to try my delicious Ginger Chew trio at a special price!

My ginger chew is simply addictive and you can easily eat a whole bag. Sweet and with a bite of ginger- irresistible!

Ginger Chews have been enjoyed in Asia for years. Ginger is also said to counteract nausea , which makes Ginger Chews the perfect snack to bring on a long journey! They are wrapped individually and rolled in starch from cassava root and therefore don’t stick together.

The spicy after taste of fresh ginger is a perfect combination with either sweet mango or delicious peanut.

Contains no gluten or animal products. I love ginger!​

99,00 kr

Unit price: 275,00 kr/kg

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Made with fresh ginger
  • Spicy and tasty

3 bags of individually wrapped ginger chews, 3 x 120 grams

For more information:


Ginger Chew Coconut


Ginger Chew Mango


Ginger Chew Peanut




* for nutritional values, please see for each product




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