Snacksbox Chocoholic - Special Price - 30% off!

Try my five irresiteble chocolate covered berries and nuts. Delivered in a beautiful gift box.

Raspberries & Blueberries Covered in Chocolate, Organic, 55 g

Irresistible raspberries and blueberries, covered in pink and purple fruit chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Gojiberries, organic, 50 g

Dark chocolate and gojiberries make the perfect mix. Healthy & tasty - all at once!

Eat them as they are or sprinkle some on your fruitsallad and dessert. Make a luxury sunday breakfast and mix them in your muesli.

- I love Gojiberries!

Chocolate Covered Cranberries, Organic, 50 g

Beautiful sweet and sour cranberries dipped in lovely orange chocolate. Cranberries never tasted so good! Choose this instead of sweets and you're in for a treat!

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Seeds, Organic, 55 g

Roasted pumpkin seeds dipped in dark chocolate - divine! I eat them as snacks or spread them over a fruit salad.

Cashew nuts & Incaberries in Chocolate, Organic, 55g

Mild cashew nuts covered in dark chocolate and sour incaberries in fresh fruit chocolate. So many flavours in one bag, lovely!


99,00 kr


This kit includes:

1 bag Raspberries & Blueberries covered in Chocolate
1 bag Chocolate covered Gojiberries 
1 bag Chocolate Covered Cranberries 
1 bag Chocolated covered Pumpkin Seeds
1 bag Cashew nuts & Incaberries in Chocolate 





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