Snacksbox Oldies but Goldies

My favorite organic treats that have all been with me from the start are now collected in a nice box.

A perfect gift box for anyone with a sweet toooth, on a journey or as a treat for yourself.

Includes: Hemp chocolate, Raw Fruit Leather Blueberry, Liqurice pastilles and Chocolate Covered pumpkin seeds and Chocolate Covered Gojiberries.

Hemp Chocolate 100grams- Organic 

A dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa and crammed with crispy hemp seeds. I take a bite when I feel the chocolate craving. 

- Be happy with chocolate!



Raw Fruit Leather Blueberry & Cardamom


Organic - 25grams


My Raw Fruit Leather is a hand made of a mix with blueberries, cardamom, banana and dried fruits – nothing else. Apricots and dates are soaked over night and then mixed with the other ingredients. We drie them in dehydrators for 20 hours to preserve all the nutrients. Indulge and let the flavors explode in your mouth. Perfect for your sweet tooth!


Liquorice Pastilles 40 grams - Organic

These pastilles contain 100% liquorice extract and nothing else. Great to keep in your bag in case of sugar cravings. They last a long time in your mouth.

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Seeds 50grams- Organic

Roasted pumpkin seeds dipped in dark chocolate - divine! I eat them as candy or sprikle them over a fruit salad.

Chocolate Covered Gojiberries 50grams- Organic

Dark chocolate and gojiberries make the perfect mix. Healthy & tasty - all at once!

Eat them as they are or sprinkle some on your fruit salad and dessert. Make a luxury sunday breakfast and mix them in your muesli.

- I love Gojiberries!




160,00 kr


1 Hemp chocolate
Raw Fruit Leather Blueberry & Cardamom
1 Liqurice pastilles
1 Chocolate Covered Pumpkin seeds
1 Chocolate Covered Gojiberries.




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