Creamy Caramel Coconut spread

Organic - 300 grams

My organic coconut spread tastes like creamy coconut caramel. Completely vegan, made from coconut milk and coconut sugar. Can be eaten straight from the can, on a cracker, use in baking or heat it and drizzle over ice cream and pancakes. Crazy good! 





89,00 kr 39,00 kr

Unit price: 296,67 kr/kg

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Made from coconut milk and coconut sugar!


Jar 300 grams

Coconut milk*, coconut sugar*.
*Organic ingredient


Store dry and cool. Opened jar should be kept cool and consumed within a month

Nutritional per 100 grams:

Energy:1880 kJ/450 kcal
Fat:23 g
Of which saturated fat:0 g
Carbohydrate:57 g
Sugar:57 g
Protein:0 g
 Fiber:4 g 
 Salt:0,1 g 





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