Sourdough Baguette – Gluten free

Gluten-free and organic bake off baguette made on sourdough. Rich in fiber and ready to bake in the oven – deliciously freshly baked in only 10 minutes!

The baguette is completely unsweetened and baked with sourdough to get its good crispness and taste. Bake the baguette in the oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees. Enjoy the freshly baked baguette with toppings you like. Lovely with vegan cashew cheese or with one of our vegan spreads, sliced avocado and crispy pea sprouts.


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29,00 kr

Unit price: 181,25 kr/kg


• Gluten free
• Organic
• Rich in fiber
• Vegan
• Ready to bake in the oven
• Baked with sourdough




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