Sprouting kit – Sprouting Jar 2x1 liter + Fresh Fennel

Let's sprout!

Sprouting seeds included!

A sprouting jar is very simple to use and there are many benefits of sprouting- more enzymes are formed, vitamins and nutrients increases while carbohydrates are reduced and helps digestion. These sprouting jars hold 1 liter each, and will make a lovely detail on your kitchen sink with their non-corrosive metal lids and the stylish ceramic drip tray.

I love sprouting and do so with everything from chia seeds to mung beans! A rack, drip tray and instructions in English, French and German are included.

Included in this kit is Fresh Fennel sprouting seeds. You find more information about the sprouting seeds here.

549,00 kr


• Each bottle holds 1 liter
• Sprout like this:
Soak the seeds for 6-8 hours (I usually use about 2 tablespoons of seeds per sprouting). Rinse with cold water and put the seeds in a clean sprouting jar. Rinse with water 2-3 times per day. Harvest after 5-6 days.


2272 grams




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