Homemade Tofu – Do it your self kit

Fresh tofu is the best and is easy to do, just follow the instructions included. Tofu is made of soy beans and takes around an hour to make, after soybeans soaked. Tofu can be used in everything from soups and stews to pies and desserts.


199,00 kr

  • DIY kit with all you need to make your own tofu
  • Simple to use
  • Plant-based protein


• 2 x 300 g soy beans

• 2 x 12 ml nigari (magnesium chloride)

• 1 thermometer

• 1 strainer bag, woven cotton

• 1 sleve cloth, woven cotton 

Gives you ca 2x270 g tofu 



Nutriotion per 100 g: 

Energy:1716 kJ/410 kcal
Fat:19 g
saturated: 2,8 g
Carbohydrates:20 g
sugars:7 g
Fibres:8,9 g
Protein:35 g
Salt:0,1 g




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