Matcha- Green Tea Powder - Grade B

Organic – 80 gram

In my Matcha kit there is everything you need to prepare the tea according to the traditionel Japanese tea ceremony, a quarter to a half teaspoon Matcha is whished into hot water (70) with a bamboo whisk.

Our organic Matcha powder, of the highest quality (grade A), is from Japan. Matcha is a finely ground green tea where all the leaves from the bush has been pulverized. It is considerated one of the world's finest teas and in Japan it is used in baked goods, confectionary, cooking and drinks for its nutritional properties and beautiful green color. The Japanese opine that Matcha makes you both alert and calm – thats why I have it in everything!




89,00 kr

Unit price: 1112,50 kr/kg

Matcha powder

  • Organic
  • High quality (grade B)
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Perfect for cooking and baking

Pouch, 80 g

Matcha (grade B)*

*Organic ingredient


Dry and cool




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