Miso soup Shiro & Wakame x3

3 portions - 3 pack

Instant Miso soup with wakame algae. Just add hot water. Perfect slacker-soup! Miso soup Shiro Wakame x3 contains three bags.


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87,00 kr 45,00 kr

  • Organic
  • A natural product 
  • 3-pack
  • Gluten free

One bag contains 7 grams. Three packages are included in the product.

Miso* (soybeans*, brown rice *, sea salt, koji), shiromisio * (rice*, soybeans *, sea salt, koji) (45%), yeast extract, wakame (1.3%) 

* Organic Ingredient

Produced in Japan for Renée Voltaire AB

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Nutritional facts per 100 g:

Energy:1250kJ/290 kcal
Fat:7,9 g
of which saturated:1,8  g
Carb:26 g
of which sugars:15 g
Dietry fiber:16 g 
Protein:22 g 
Salt:15 g 





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