Coconut Butter

Organic - 230 grams

My Organic Coconut Butter is freshly made from whole coconut pulp and is perfect for desserts and cooking when you want a smooth creaminess. Along with water, you have a nice coconut milk. Mix with herbs for a spread or eat it straight from the jar.

Love coconut!

For a fluffy dessert: Mix Coconut Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Agave, Raw Cacao and almond milk. Eat with fruit or by itself!


49,00 kr

Unit price: 213,04 kr/kg

  • Organic
  • Glutenfree bakning
  • Vegan
  • Low carb

Jar 230 grams 

100% Coconut*

*Organic ingredient

Country of origin 
Sri Lanka

Cool and dry. Once opened, store in fridge and use within 14 days.

Nutrition facts per 100 grams:

Energi: 2971 kJ/710 kcal
Total fat:71 g
Saturated:67 g
Total carbohydrates:
of which sugar:
8,9 g
4 g
Fibers:4,5 g
Protein:8 g
Salt:0 g




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