Country bouillon

Organic - 200 grams

I had to look for a long time before I finally found a good organic vegetable stock and now I use it för all kinds of cooking. It adds a fresh and natural flavour. The stock already contains salt so no need to add more.

I use my stock for vegetarian dishes as well as for meat and fish. Can also be used as a spice; sprinkle it on stir fries or add a pinch to the pasta water. 1 tbs Lantbuljong = 1 stock cube


vegan    kitchen friend    ekologisk    no gluten




69,00 kr

Unit price: 345,00 kr/kg

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten - free
  • Can be used both as spice and broth


Burk 200 grams

Sea salt, 46%, rice flour*, carrot*, onion*, parsnip*, raw sugar*, natural yeast extract*, sunflower oil*, parsley*, turmeric*, lovage*, garlic*, black pepper*

*Organic ingredient


Add 1 spoon in 0,5 litre water

Nutrition facts

Energy:841 kJ/200 kcal
Fat:3,5 g
of wich saturates:0,5g
Carbonhydrates:33 g
of wich sugars:15 g
Fiber:5,9 g
Protein:5,8 g
Salt:46 g






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