Plantbased "cheese" and dip

This kit contains what you need to make your own plantbased "cheese" and a deliciously creamy cashew dip!

The "cheese" is made from a base of cashew nuts and coconut cream. Perfect on biscuits and bread or serve in slices of grilled or cooked vegetables. The dip is made from a base of cashew nuts and can be varied in infinity. Serve as it is or flavor with the herbs and spices you prefer!

The kit includes:

           Recipe sheet on Vegetable cheese and dips

Ingredients to have at home:

1 lemon
Fresh herbs


299,00 kr

Unit price: 179,04 kr/kg


Recipe Plantbased "Cheese"

2 dl Cashewnötter, soaked
½ lemon juice
1½ tablespoon Näringsjäst
2 tablespoons of Virgin kokosolja
2-3 tablespoons Kokosgrädde Vispbar 32% fett
2 tablespoons Raw Äppelcidervinäger med moder
1 pinch of Himalayan Crystal Salt
1 bunch of chives
1 bunch of dill

Rinse and drain the water from the cashewnuts. Mix the cashewnuts together with the other ingredients for a smooth spread. Add spices and chopped herbs after your own wishes, for example chives and dill. Save some of the herbs to roll the cheese in later. Pour the "cheese pulp" onto a baking sheet in a mold and put in the refrigerator to solidify for about 1 hour. Remove the cheese and form it into a roll, then roll it in chopped herbs. Store the cheese in the fridge. 


Recipe Cashew dip

2 dl Cashewnötter, soaked for about 3-5 hours
1/2 dl water
1 tablespoon Näringsjäst
1/2 lemon, pressed
1 pinch of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Drain the soaking water from the nuts and mix all ingredients into a smooth dip. If it is difficult to make the knives spin, add some more water. Add herbs, vegetables or spices that you like!

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