Pizza base x 4 – Gluten free

Gluten-free sourdough – 4 x100 gram

Four gluten-free and organic pizza bases that are rich in fiber and made on sourdough. Top with your pizza favourites and bake in the owen, 200 degrees in aprox. 10-12 minutes  – easy, tasty and simple!


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80,00 kr 50,00 kr

Unit price: 200,00 kr/kg

• Gluten free
• Organic
• Rich in fiber
• Vegan
• Ready to bake in the oven
• Baked with sourdough

Nutrition facts per 100 gram

Energy:1050 kJ/250 kcal
of which saturated fat:
7,8 g
3,5 g

of which sugar:

38 g 
0,5 g
Fibe:e6,8 g
Protein:3,2 g
Salt:1,4 g




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