Nut-Milk kit

Go nuts!
Homemade nut milk is the best there is - so easy to do and a lot more fun than buying !

This kit includes:

  • Nut milk bag 
  • Almonds, 500 grams

All you need to add is water and optional flavoring. Self-made milk is also possible to do on cashews, hazelnuts, hemp seeds, sesame seeds and coconut. If you do nut milk - focus on organic, unsalted and unroasted nuts, it tastes the best!

If you want a milder flavor, peel the almonds before you blend them. The remnants left over is great to use as a base in veggie burgers or baked goods, dry to a flour or make a vegetarian "ground beef" on.


189,00 kr

Store the milk in a glass bottle in the fridge. 
Consume in 3 - 5 days. 




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