Berry Boost Pomegranate

Berry boost Pomegranate – 6-pack
6x28 gram

Lovely organic raisins and pomegranate fruit drops made of super yummy juice. The perfect snack when you need an energy boostbefore or after work out.


Sweet and juicy!


  smart    no gluten    no nuts

45,00 kr

Unit price: 267,86 kr/kg


6 x 28 grams


Raisins * (60%), fruit pieces with granatäppel- taste (40%) (apple juice, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, apple puree, cane sugar, inulin, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent: pectin, antioxidant: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavoring, glucose syrup , elderberry juice concentrate, citrus fiber. * Organic ingredient.

Origin: Holland

Recycling: Cardboard and plastic.


Note The distribution of berries can vary in boxes.


Nutrition facts per 100 grams

Energy:1300 kJ/310 kcal
of which saturated fat:
1 g
0,1 g

of which sugars:

70 g 
66 g
Dietary fiber:7,5 g
Protein:0,2 g
Salt:0.0 g




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