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Raw Fruit Leather Lingonberry & Ginger Raw Fruit Leather Lingonberry & Ginger
Organic - 25grams My Raw Fruit Leather is a hand made of a mix with lingonberry, ginger, banana and dried fruits – nothing else. Apricots and dates are soaked over night and then mixed with the other ingredients. We drie them in dehydrators for 20 hours to preserve all the nutrients. Indulge and let the flavors explode in your mouth. Perfect for your sweet tooth!              
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Vegan Mayo Vegan Mayo
Vegan Mayo  Organic - 370 gram My organic mayo - egg-free and delicious. Use as a base in vegetable stews, cold sauces or just season and dipp. Both delicious, vegan and organic. Yummy!  
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Hempseed Oil Hempseed Oil
Organic - 100 ml My Hempseed oil is organic and cold-pressed. It is beautifully green and tastes a little nutty and a bit like grass, in other words nutritios. Mix it with cabbage and some fine herb salt. So easy and delicious, I promise. I mix Hemp oil in my smoothie, sprinkle over the food and take a spoonful daily to boost myself. You can also use it on your skin. Go strong, go hemp!             
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Hydrating Hand Soap Hydrating Hand Soap
HYDRATING HAND SOAP - 500 ml/16,9 fl.oz The moisturising and conditioning hand soap that cleans and refreshes thirsty hands in need of all-vegan purification. With floral notes from Bergamot, Cinnamon and Cedarwood; leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Feed your skin with a unique blend of essential oils from Mandarin harmoniously blended with the stimulating and calming benefits of Frankincense.  Hydrate and soften hands with desired amount, lather and rinse for hydrated skin.  
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