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Matcha bowl – Black & White Matcha bowl – Black & White
Matcha bowl, handcraft from Mino in Japan. The old province Mino’s historical roots are traced back 1300 years, renowned for its handcraft and porcelain.  Mino ware was positioned on the frontal stage when shaping the tea ceremony culture during the Azuchi-Momoyama period. Today Mino ware’s are widely appreciated for its distinguished craftsmanship.   The skills and personalities from the master are infused into each product. 
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Fermented Drink – Live Bacteria, 200 ml Fermented Drink – Live Bacteria, 200 ml
Fermented drink with live bacteria Organic, vegan, raw and gluten free fermented drink ready to drink. Made of herbs and berries with active bacteria culture (probiotic) – nicely balacing the stomach's flora! Provides natural supplements of lactic acid bacteria from sixteen different active cultures.  One bottle of Fermented Drink is recommanded per day. Also try our Fermented Concentrate with live bacteria.
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Pizza base x 4  – Gluten free Pizza base x 4 – Gluten free
Gluten-free sourdough – 4 x100 gram Four gluten-free and organic pizza bases that are rich in fiber and made on sourdough. Top with your pizza favourites and bake in the owen, 200 degrees in aprox. 10-12 minutes  – easy, tasty and simple!    .    .   
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