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Pecan & Coconut Cake – kit Pecan & Coconut Cake – kit
The kit contains: 5 st organic medjool dates 1 pouch Raw Buckwheat Granola - Cacao & Coconut 1 can Condensed Coconut milk 1 can Pecan & Coconut Spread Instruction   You need to have this at home: Water Salt Nuts for decoration    
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Total: 269,00 kr
Heavenly Spread – Hazelnut & Chocolate Heavenly Spread – Hazelnut & Chocolate
Organic - 180 gramsHazelnut & Chocolate spread has a new tasty recipie. Now without milk protein and orange oil. With a wonderful taste of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate. Perfect for your toast, biscuits, pancakes, baking and desserts. Ps. Take a click on your forefinger - heavenly.               
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Total: 69,00 kr
Revitalising Face Oil Revitalising Face Oil
REVITALISING FACE OIL - 30ml/1 fl.oz The multifunctional nourisher for dry or stressed skin, hungry for all-vegan repair. Feed your skin, hair and nails with concentrated doses of organic and cold pressed Argan oil. This oil is rich in Vitamin E and have high levels of essential fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants that actively restore and correct imbalances in the skin.  Use nightly or when needed and blend with your Day or Night Cream to intensify nourishment.    
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Roasted Coconut chips Roasted Coconut chips
Organic - 200 grams Organic roasted coconut chips with delicious taste and crispness­ – and also low GI (glycemic index)! Suitable for desserts, muesli, cooking, or as snacks right out of the bag. Our organic coconut chips are made from fresh white coconut that is cut into fine flakes, dried and roasted. These crispy and tasteful chips are just as good for cooking as baking. Mix into muesli, sprinkle over food, or eat directly from the bag as a healthy treat. Also try Natural Coconut Chips.               
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  1. Coconut & Goji Bite
  2. Coco chocolate
  3. Condensed coconut milk

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