Organic Honey

Organic - 340 grams

Our honey is organic and comes from bees collecting nectar from natural origin. Start the morning with a cup of hot water with lemon, grated ginger and honey or add grated ginger and a spoon of honey in herbal tea when cold. Equally good to use as sweetening in your baking and desserts like in the your cooking - organic delicious!


Honey can also be used on the skin, thanks to its antiin amatory and moisture retardant properties, for example, mixing with a face mask.


59,00 kr

Unit price: 173,53 kr/kg

  • Free from additives
  • Perfectly sweet
  • Organic
  • Use as skincare

Jar 340 grams

100% Honey*
*Organic ingredient

EU. Botteld in Denmark for Renée Voltaire.

Dry and cool, not refrigerator

Sorted as uncolored glass and metal

Nutrition facts per 100 grams:

Energy:1400 kJ/340 kcal
Fat:0 g
Carbohydrate:83 g
Protein: 0 g
Salt:0 g





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